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About Us

20 Long Years of Experience in Paper Processing and Production of Paper Packaging

The company “ROTO PAPIR PLUS”, based in Krševica, municipality of Bujanovac, in the far south of Serbia, employs 20 professionally trained workers in the business of paper processing and production of ecological packaging made of paper, for the needs of packaging food and non-food products.

Today, after 20 years of successful business, “ROTO PAPIR PLUS” is an export-oriented company that records business growth year after year.

Some of our products

The packaging produced in our production plant, with an area of 2000m2, is used to pack food products in most European and world countries.

Greaseproof Paper

GREASEPROOF PAPER 35-80gr/m2 is also one of the hit items in the last two years. Paper, which is in great demand on the European and world markets, is part of our product range. We print this paper at the customer’s request and form it into sheets or rolls.

Baking Paper

BAKING PAPER has also taken an important place in the bakery industry in recent years, and for this reason it is included in our product range. We offer this paper in sheets in the dimensions desired by the customer, or in rolls. The baking paper is siliconized on both sides and is intended for multiple uses, 2-4 uses. The weight of this paper is 39-40 gr/m2. It is available in brown and white.

Butcher Paper

For years, we have been working on perfecting and finding the ideal packaging for packaging meat and meat products, but the well-known BUTCHER PAPER is still the first place on our market. Paper that is cold coated with PE film. This is our first child. We started production back in 2003, with a daily capacity of 150-200 kg, and today we reach 7-10 tons per day. Our famous BUTCHER PAPER is on refrigerators both in Serbia and in many other countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, North Macedonia, Israel, South Africa…).

Professionally trained staff and state-of-the-art machines will respond to your every request. Our logistics team will find the best solution for your goods to reach you safely and with high quality.

Our offer


The main activity of the company is the production of paper packaging for the needs, mainly, of the food industry. In addition to packaging, we also offer our customers all other types of paper, which directly or indirectly participate in the production cycles of other industries.

We offer service cutting of paper and cardboard, both in rolls and in sheets, with no size restrictions. We are able to answer even the most demanding inquiries.

Our many years of work and presence on the domestic and foreign markets gives us a greater opportunity to meet everyone who needs any type of paper or paper packaging.

Our production capacities allow the expansion of the market, for this reason we offer cooperation to distributors all over the world. If you want to be our associate distributor in your region, please contact us, we are ready for any type of cooperation. Let's create a joint sales network.