Modern equipment and professional staff

Our production plant, with an area of 2000m2, is equipped with the most modern paper processing machines.

We have modern equipment for cutting paper, both longitudinally (from roll to roll) and transversely (cutting from roll to sheet).

Our products

Butcher Paper

For years, we have been working on perfecting and finding the ideal packaging for packaging meat and meat products, but the well-known BUTCHER PAPER is still the first place on our market. Paper that is cold coated with PE film. This is our first child. We started production back in 2003, with a daily capacity of 150-200 kg, and today we reach 7-10 tons per day. 

It is a 39-65gr/m2 paper with a 4µm (micron) thick PE film. After use, it is possible to separate the paper from the PE film for easier recycling. Excellent price-quality ratio.

Greaseproof Paper

GREASEPROOF PAPER 35-80gr/m2 is also one of the hit items in the last two years. Paper, which is in great demand on the European and world markets, is part of our product range. We print this paper at the customer’s request and form it into sheets or rolls.

It is packed in perforated boxes of 500 and 1000 pieces, according to the customer’s request.

Brown And White Craft Paper

We offer Brown and White Kraft Paper in two variants:

– MG Paper which is 100% made of cellulose

– Recycled Kraft Paper which is made of 70% recycled paper and 30% cellulose

We offer kraft paper in weights from 25 to 120 gr/m2, in sheets or rolls.

Bakery Paper

When it comes to packaging, we must also mention BAKERY PAPER, which, together with paper bags and baking paper, occupies a leading position in the bakery industry. We make baking paper, according to the customer’s wishes, from standard newsprint or white kraft paper, as well as grease-resistant paper. Paper format and packaging are also at the customer’s request.


We offer TESTLINER in weights from 80 to 200 gr/m2 in rolls with widths from 20 mm to 2500 mm.

Fluting Paper

We offer FLUTING PAPER in weights from 80 to 200 gr/m2 in rolls with widths from 20 mm to 2500 mm.

White Testliner

We offer WHITE TESTLINER in weights from 80 to 200 gr/m2 in rolls with widths from 20 mm to 2500 mm.

Baking Paper

BAKING PAPER has also taken an important place in the bakery industry in recent years, and for this reason it is included in our product range. We offer this paper in sheets in the dimensions desired by the customer, or in rolls. The baking paper is siliconized on both sides and is intended for multiple uses, 2-4 uses. The weight of this paper is 39-40 gr/m2. It is available in brown and white.

Fleece Paper

We offer FLEECE PAPER in weights of 27-30gr/m2 in sheets and rolls, with or without printing.

SC And LWC Paper

We offer SC and LWC paper in rolls from 300mm to 2500mm wide.

Paper weight is 39-90gr/m2


We offer NEWSPAPER 40-60gr/m2 in sheets of format according to the customer’s request or in rolls with widths from 30mm to 2000mm, lengths from 50m to 15000m. Our assortment includes products from several European manufacturers such as Vipap, Holmen, Stora Enso, UPM, Norske…

Extruded Paper

EXTRUDED PAPER – Modern technology and equipment for high-quality extruding gives us the opportunity to offer the market a minimum application of PE film on paper with a grammage from a minimum of 30gr/m2 to a maximum of 500gr/m2. Also, the maximum application of PE film is 30gr/m2. All this in rolls and sheets. 

MULTIPAK PAPER is part of our assortment that we extrude and offer to the market cut in rolls of the width according to the customer’s order.

Paper Bag

The paper bag is definitely irreplaceable in global and European bakeries. The type of material it will be made of also depends on the climate. We are ready to make it, at the customer’s request, from any material.

The dimensions of the bags are your choice, the type of printing, the type of packaging and the quantity is also your choice. It remains for us to respond to your request.

The choice of paper and the weight of the paper is according to the customer’s request. Printing is included in the price of the product.

In our assortment we also have products that are not listed here. If you need paper of any kind, for any industry, contact us.

What else do we have to offer?

Paper Extrusion

On our state-of-the-art extruding and laminating machine, we can offer extruded paper in weights from 35gr/m2 to 350gr/m2 with a PE coating in weights from a minimum of 4gr/m2 to a maximum of 30gr/m2.

We also offer service extrusion on all types of paper for the needs of all industries.

Paper And Cardboard Cutting

When it comes to service activities, we offer service cutting of paper and cardboard, both in rolls and in sheets, with no size restrictions. We are able to answer even the most demanding inquiries.


In cooperation with the Chinese company BINBAO MACHINERY, one of the leading companies for the production of machines for the paper industry and the production of paper packaging, we offer a complete program of machines for paper processing and the production of paper packaging

– Longitudinal paper cutters
– Transverse paper cutters
– Paper coating machines
– Paper extruding and laminating machines
– Machines for the production of paper bags
– Flexo printing machine
– Machines for bags with handles

A large part of the machines is located in our production facility and is characterized by top performance.
The price-quality ratio is at a high level
Visit us and see for yourself

Our production capacities allow the expansion of the market, for this reason we offer cooperation to distributors all over the world. If you want to be our associate distributor in your region, please contact us, we are ready for any type of cooperation. Let's create a joint sales network.