About Us

High Quality Products

Since 2003, our team has been successfully engaged in paper processing and production of paper packaging.

“ROTO PAPIR PLUS” has grown from an entrepreneurial shop, which has been engaged in the production of butcher’s paper since 2003, into a serious company that presents its products both on the European and world markets.

Today, after 20 years of successful business, “ROTO PAPIR PLUS” is an export-oriented company that records business growth year after year.

Some Interesting Facts About Us

Let The Numbers Speak For Us

Years of Experience
Different types of products
European countries with which we cooperate

The packaging produced in our production plant, with an area of 2000m2, is used to pack food products in most European and world countries.

Modern Equipment

We have modern equipment for cutting paper, both longitudinally (from roll to roll) and transversely (cutting from roll to sheet).

Our products are well packed, protected from external influences and ready for transport, even to overseas countries.

In order to protect the environment and adapt to European standards, we recently started the production of packaging with water-based coatings.

Fast And Quality Delivery

We try to reduce the delivery times to a minimum, and adjust the prices to each customer. Our goal is to be part of your team and participate in everything together, to mutual satisfaction.

We have been going that way for 20 years. We want to stay on that path and get to know you.

Together we will adapt to standards that will protect humanity, and we will build the future.


In cooperation with the Chinese company BINBAO MACHINERY, one of the leading companies for the production of machines for the paper industry and the production of paper packaging, we offer a complete program of machines for paper processing and the production of paper packaging

Our production capacities allow the expansion of the market, for this reason we offer cooperation to distributors all over the world. If you want to be our associate distributor in your region, please contact us, we are ready for any type of cooperation. Let's create a joint sales network.